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Years of Experience

Factory trained in BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha, as well as having personally owned and worked on Ducati, Husqvarna and KTM, we are truly prepared to make your bike ready for whatever adventure you may have planned.  Even if it is just your daily commute!  We specialize in Adventure/Dual-Sport, Off-road/Supermoto and Touring bikes.  We also love Airheads, with or without a sidecar.  No bike is too old. From tire changes to engine repairs to "adventurizing", consult with us before going elsewhere.  We promise honest advice, fair prices and conscientious, detail-oriented workmanship.  We are a family-owned business with a motto: to deliver what we promise.




All online estimates are free and flexible according to your needs and scheduling.

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The foundation of owning a reliable motorcycle is routine care and maintenance.  Often, preventative maintenance items are not performed due to the ignorance or laziness of other service facilities.  Here at AdvMotoTech, we pride ourselves in thoroughness (and performing the work for which the customer is paying.)  Let us evaluate your service history and provide you with a list of recommendations.  Do not worry if you are on a limited budget; we can assess your bike with your budget in mind and prioritize services and repairs according to your needs.


Establishing a baseline

If you're new to your bike, don't have complete service records, or are looking to buy a used bike, contact us to set up an inspection.  Pricing begins at $50.00 and the piece of mind is well worth it!

Need regular tire or brake servicing?  We will strive to meet internet tire pricing where possible.  Plus you can count on us to provide OEM or high quality aftermarket brake parts, at your option. 


Diagnosis and Repair

Motorcycle won't start?  We have performed first-hand troubleshooting of hundreds of bikes.  Let us diagnose your no-start, poor running condition or weird noise.  Initial estimates for diagnosis range from free to $100, and if we think we know what it is, you may even have a idea of the repair cost before you sign a work order. 



Personalizing your bike to suit your needs is unique to you.  Don't settle for cookie-cutter recommendations from less knowledgeable establishments.  Let us help you select and install the componentry that suits you and your bike best.  We will provide a wide array of brands at reasonable prices.  Should you prefer to supply your own accessories, you are welcome to do so.  We are also willing, and able, to complete your accessory installation should you become overwhelmed during the process.  


Collision/Tip-Over Repair

You let your cousin, brother-in-law or best friend ride your bike and it fell over?  Hit-and run in the parking lot?  Struck a deer while out for a ride?  Let us provide an estimate for repairs or schedule to meet your insurance company's representative at our shop.  We will make sure your bike is repaired right, or advise that it not be repaired at all if crucial components are damaged.  Your safety is paramount.

Friendly Advice, Consultations

Planning a trip?  Thinking about buying a product with which you aren't familiar?  Want someone with whom you can go to Rowher Flats or California City?  Contact us and we will point you in the right direction or maybe just go ride with you...